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Mitra Bari - Dorjipara

In the year 1807, Radha Kisen Mitra, one of the famous trade merchants, who has done business with US, performed the first Puja in his Darjipara residence. The Mitra family of Darjipara (Presently mkown as Nilmoni Mitra Street) is one of the few families in Kolkata that have celebrated traditional Durga Pujas for the past 200 years and more.

The idol in Mitra family is unique as it’s the Ekchala Durga idol with its separate Teenchala backdrop mounted on a horse with a lion-like mane to kill the Mahisasur. A family member of the present time says that they have following the same rituals as their founder did. But the rituals of releasing Neelkantha bird during immersion has been discontinued due to the ban of keeping birds in the cage.

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