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Maddox Square - The Heritage Continues

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2010 Coverage

Like every year, this year also Maddox Square will come up with Traditional ‘Bonedi Barir Pujo’. The whole atmosphere will be furnished with Zamindari delicacy, pillar based, three side open Mandap. A fabricated fair will be established to put a life on it. It will be a sensational presentation. So, don’t miss the bus. The eminent Asrtisan Shri. Nikhil Pal, son of Shri. Sirish Pal will present Ekchalaar Pratima with traditional delicacy.

Right from 1935, the old tradition has been going on at Maddox Square… People wait for Durga Puja to gorge a variety of traditional delicacies hopping into pandals and enjoying the festive moments. As a matter of fact this is the perfect time to stretch adda sessions way beyond midnight and wake up late with the sounds of dhaak.One thing makes Maddox square’s Durga Puja experience unforgettable and that is the culture
. Durga Puja is the time to relieve the magic of Bengali culture and to relish our tradition . Besides the spiritual liveliness, the festive dhols, colorful dances, and the overall culture of the event, durgapuja has a deeper significance for all Bengalees. 

In the very inception, Durga Puja was celebrated in a house, not in a park. Then from the 2nd year onward the Maddox park became the permanent residence of Maa Durga. Till 25th year, the idols were separated on the podium. Then they started the “Ekchala” form, which indicates the unity in the family.Initially the idol was exhibited with “Rupoli Saaj”, but after some years Durga Maa comes up with “Sonali Saaj”.The main puja starts on the evening of 'Shasthi', the sixth day after the new moon, generally from beneath a 'Bel' tree for the traditional ones. In the wee hours of 'Saptami,' the next day, the rituals of 'Pran Pratishtha' or life of the Devi is brought from a nearby pond or river in a banana tree and established inside the image. The main puja starts thereafter and the prime time is reached in the 'Sandhikshan,' between Ashtami and Navami. The spiritual hymns of “Mangal Arati” fill the entire environment on Saptami-Ashtami & Navami . “Shidur Khela” is one of the joyful moments of puja. 

Dhaak beats and so does our hearts. Maddox Square has been organizing “Dhaker Laraai” since long time. Dhakis have been maintaining a “Parampara”. That’s Maddox Square all about. Sisters, kakimas, boudi, didis all get busy selecting saris and jewellery for the festive occasion. Even the dadas, kakas and mamas aren't far behind when it comes to dressing up for the grand Puja festival. For, Durga Puja is the time to look good and feel great. It is a time when friends and foes join together to celebrate this truly auspicious and authentic event. People simply embrace the moment with traditional touch.

Inauguration: Chaturthi , 11th October’2010. Here in Maddox Square the purohit inaugaurates the puja by the ritual of “CHOKKHU DAAN” and starts the festivities.

Location: Maddox Square Park, Ritchie Road at South Kolkata.

Route Direction: If you come from Hazra Road, then just after Sarat bose  Road (Lansdown). You need to take the left from Ritchie Road  crossing.  Maddox Square will be your left hand side .  You can also take Ballygunj circuler Rd. and cross St. Lawrence High School to reach Maddox Square.

Route Guide (Click here for Route Direction)
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