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Kasba R.K.Chatterjee Road Adhibasibrinda

It is time to greet our Ghorer Meye Parvati back to home in Martya Lok, with her four children, four super powers of four different aspects of our material world. Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, is the most adored one amongst them. Owl, being her heavenly career is also worshiped with equal dignity. Artist Dipankar Pal has given a structural shape to the concept of welcoming Maa in her daughter, Lakshmi’s paradise. Kasba R.K. Chatterjee Adhibasi Brindo has taken up the initiative of welcoming Maa in this unique style this year with their 32nd anniversary celebration. The mandap has been decorated with different types of clay owl models, even the entrance of the mandap has been shaped like an owl’s face, owl being the heavenly vehicle of Lakshmi. Mr. Samir Pal, secretary, kasba R.K.Chatterjee, humbly invites you to join them in unique ceremony of welcoming Uma home.

The occasion will be inaugurated on Chaturthi, 11th October 2010, by the noted versatile personality Mr. Soumitra Chatterjee, the renowned singer Mr. Sri Kumar Chattopadhyay, and the well known actress Indrani Dutta.

Hall of Fame : The committee has always gifted its viewers with something new and unique. In 2003, they presented a remarkable art work and stunned everyone. They made mandap with small tin canisters. In 2007, another brilliant concept left janta spell-bound. It was an allure with small kettle drums. Yet again they are back with another magic. Don’t miss it.

Committee for the Society : They not only gift to their viewers, they themselves are a gift to the society. They avail free medical checkup facility and thalassemia treatment to the underprivileged people. Blood donation camps are regularly organized. Donating blankets and winter wears to the needy ones during winter form an annual ritual every year. Kasba R.K.Chatterjee Adhibasi Brindo rendered a brilliant effort for the Aaila affected people.

Reach out : The pujas of South Kolkata are not very old though but have already become a sure not-miss. Reach out this extremely popular puja of South Kolkata just by crossing Ballyganj Bijon Setu and rush towards Kasba Purono Thana bus stoppage and you reach the mouth of the giant owl mandap.
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