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Kalitala Sporting Club - "Amar Sur Chuye Jai Choron"

Bengalis are proudly celebrating 150th birth anniversary of Kabiguru Rabindranath Thakur in all possible way. Why should Durgatsab be left behind, being the most celebrated festival of Bengalis. Kabiguru can be related to every aspect of life, every festivity, every emotion, every situation, every day-to-day minute details of household, in short he has given us something related to everything in his penned work.

Kalitala Sporting Club is celebrating their 22nd anniversary with their Durgatsab 2010 in a Rabindrik style. They have adopted the theme of one of Kabiguru’s most celebrated poem Pujor Saaj narrating the story of Shidhu and Bidhu through their concept. The concept has been adopted by the visualization of Sri Suman Mondal. Maa’s idol will give you the perfect sense of its Bengali flavor being an Ekchala pratima.

Renowned actress Shatabdi Roy will inaugurate the occasion on Panchami, 12th October. Mr. Sujit Kumar Das, secretary, Kalikapur Sporting Club, humbly invites you to cherish the essence of pure Rabindrik Bangaliyana.

Cultural Aspect: The club has initiated Anganwari system for the benefit of the underprivileged children of the neighbourhood.

To encourage reading and education the Club has facilitated their library facility to non-member neighbours as well on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Hall of Fame: Though not much old enough compared to other progressive Durgatsabs in town but still they have already won the hearts of janata for their well organized and well cultured puja. Last year the Club was honoured with Abhagar Sharod Shiromoni prize.

Committee for the Society: Apart from initiating Angarwari for the needy children of the neighbourhod and availing library facility to the neighbours, the club offers many other social aids. Regular health check up camps, eye check up camps, blood donation camps, free thalassaemia treatment for the underprivileged and distribution of winter wears and blankets to the poor mark their events’ calendar.

Reach out: You surely wouldn’t want to miss cherishing new yet traditional flavor Bangaliyana with a tinge of Rabindriyana. You can access any of the two entrance to get this Puja. One is from EM Bypass another is from Jadavpur Police Station. As you reach Kalitala crossing, near Prince Anwar Shah connector you land up in the tell-tale land of Kabiguru’s Pujor Saaj.
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