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Hatkhola Gossainpara

2011 Coverage

Photography Courtesy: Prasenjit Dhar (The Raising)

2010 Coverage

This year Hatkhola Gonsaipara Sarbajanin will come up with a fabulous theme. The theme maker Shri.Manas Roy feels that every state has it's own rituals and belief to celebrate Durga Puja. So by collecting the unique and ethnic tradition of five states (Bihar, Orissa, Rajasthan, Assam and Bengal) the theme has been conceptualized.

Right from the entrance to the podium, the five cultures have been mingled with each other. One can see the hues of Madhubani paintings, glorious art work of Orissa, Rajasthani puppets, Assam's colorful caps and Spears and the last but not least the ethnicity of Bengal, which will create the traditional delicacies, furnished with Kaash flowers and Kulos.

This is the73rd year of Hatkhola Gonsaipara Sarbajanin Pujo. During these festive days of celebration we have  to mend our own wounds, to let free of our anger, and to share this tranquility and joy with all. Durga Puja is a chance for everyone to come together, to forget about past quarrels, and to simply enjoy in peace. This Durga Puja, I encourage everyone to experience this harmony; release your own anger, lust, and greed, and share the culture and serenity of Durga Puja.

Pratima: The Pratima will be prepared on clay with a glorious relief work, Ekchala pattern.The theme maker himself has taken care of the idols.

Pandel: Bhowmik Decorators.

Light: The illumination will create an illusion this year. Almost 1500 pradip (lamp light) will be lit up and the shades of the colorful lamp shades will make you feel illusive.

Inauguration: Chaturthi, 11th october'2010

Last year Awards: Star Ananda's Sera Juri Awrd, CSCE- Telegraph - Pujo spirit Sera 10, Yuba Kalyan -Sera 25, Hatkhola Gonsaipara Sarbajanin was one of the semi finalists in "Pujor laraai" organized by 24 ghanta.

Route Guide: You have to reach shovabazar Metro. From there onward it is 5 minutes walk towards Kumartuli Park.

Social service: Education for the poor children, blood donation camp, financial help for the poor, Sit-n-Draw competition, etc. Every year the committee members distribute the clothes that are offered to Maa Durga to the Ramkrishna Mission.

Contact Person: Shri subhas Pal /Shri. Debasish Goswami
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