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Hatibagan Nabin Palli - The Work of Art

2011 Coverage

Photography Courtesy: Prasenjit Dhar (The Raising)

2010 Coverage

It is not easy to value the different brands of Indian culture and forms of art as they are so versatile in nature. Many of them couldn’t survive the test of time. Cadar badar is one among the many of such lost forms of art. It is a kind of wooden work originated with the ideation of Santhals of Birbhum, one of the oldest original Indian clans. Hathibagan Nabin Palli reincarnates this form of art as their puja theme in 2010 to celebrate their 76th anniversary.

Mr. Kamaldip Dhar, Vice Chancellor, Vishwa Bharati, Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan came up with the bright spark to rejuvenate the art form and brought the local Santhal community together to bring up the art before the world. The marvelous result of their hard work cannot be pen-pictured. Thus Mr. Amitava Roy, secretary, Hathibagan Nabin Palli meekly invites you to admire the craft in person. The puja will be inaugurated on Chaturthi, 11th October 2010. Step forward to observe this almost obsolete form of art.  

Cultural Aspect: It is a time when the entire neighbourhood comes together to celebrate the occasion. Difference of cast and creed disappears and the elders encourage the younger ones to realize the harmony of the society and observe it as well. Through various cultural programs the committee brings the neighbourhood together. Entertaining cultural programs for all age groups are being organized. 

The committee organizes various social interactive activities like sit-n-draw competition, cooking contests, and many more to make the entire neighbourhood a family.

Hall of Fame: Since last 76 years Hathibagan Nabin Palli have been celebrating this puja with faith and warmth. Last year they were honoured with many prizes from different organizations like Icore, Star Ananda, Kolkata TV Nabarabtna, Kolkata TV Nojorkara and Pratin Sera Das.

Committee for the Society: The committee made the neighbourhood a family and the left out of the society a part of their greater family. Regular free health check up camps, free eye check up camps, blood donation camps, distribution of winter wears and blankets to the underprivileged are part of their greater family service aids.

Reach out: The pujas of North Kolkata are surely not to be missed. This work of art is placed right at the Dalimtala crossing, Aurobindo Sarani, near Hathibagan City Mart.
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