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Greater London - Celebrating 32nd year of Durga Puja

This year it will be 32nd year of Durga Puja and 21st year of Kaali puja. It is a traditional family puja, but the members are not limited to four of the Mukherji family, hundreds of visitors, guests, well -wishers are the real members of the family. So many friends work hard to make the celebrations enjoyable and authentic as much as possible. Mr. Nirmal Mukherji’s younger son Shomeek acts as the purohit since he was a 8 years old. Mr. Mukherjee has formed a team of eight people and trained them to perform the rituals of the puja.

The main attractions of this puja are Shomeek's unmistakably traditional puja and hospitality to each individual. Mukherjee family makes sure every gust receives the delicious Prasad Bhog of the Puja. Till date the family has never asked for donation or sponsorship from any individual or organization and does not even intend to ask in future. People from different councils, Greater London area, other parts of U.K, visitors from E U countries, even visitors from India (those who come to visit London) do come and enjoy the celebrations. Mukherji family’s puja has even received appreciation and found spaces in pages of reputed publishers like Prabasi Ananda Bazar Patrika, India Today and Wembly Observer.

Nirmal Mukerji
41 Rosewood Avenue, Greenford, UB6 7QR, U.K. ph:020 8903 5869;
Mob: 07904843864
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