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Ghosh Bari - Pathuriaghata

One of the important Bonedi Barir pujos is none other than Ghosh Barir pujo at Pathuriaghata. It has been celebrated from last 166 years and that too holding a traditional outlook. Khelat Chandra Ghosh started durga puja with tremendous devotion of the Goddess Durga.

Devi durga is welcomed on Maha Sasthi at Beltala. Asur is made in greenish color signifying the color of flame, as asura was said to have born from the funeral fire of his parents Rambhasur and Mahishi. On Maha saptami morning the idol is bathed with water collected from the proverbial sat samudra tero nadi and fruit juice of 12 fruits. Durga maa is dressed with a dhakai jamdani sari. On Maha Ashtami sugar structures (kashir mata chini) are sacrificed. Gunshoot is done at the moment of sandhikhan. Clay made nilkontho bird is used at the time of immersion. Jagmohan Dalmia, son-in-law of Ghosh family visits this pujo every year.

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