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Dumdum Park Yubak Brinda : Shilpo jakhon katha bole......

Today, all the traditional art forms are endangered. Deterioration of traditions, disparity of economic pursuits , influence of mass-media and development of ‘official’ culture left nothing to exist originally. In past few decades, the art of Mandana like those of the other tribe is loosing its vitality and vigour. Perhaps it is inevitable, because now their whole culture is disintegrating with constant in-roads of modernization. Their confidence in their own ethos has been undermined, for they have been exposed to the higher culture of city with materialistic life.Due to socio-economic development, this art form has tremendously suffered. Today we only see traces of this vital art left in few remote villages of  Gujrat.

This year Dum Dum Yubak Brinda is celebrating 44th years and has decided to come up with this great art, "MANDANA". The themes of Mandana are mainly variety of birds, animals and plants, anthropomorphs, zoo-morphs and exquisite decorative designs which are highlighted with dots and dashes. In Mandana paintings the Meena women record their past and present experiences; thus we see the drawings of such animals, birds and objects that no more exist in their present surroundings but the images of which still haunt their memory and are accorded a place in these visual expressions.

The theme maker Shri. Somnath Mukhopadhyay is going to present Mandana art in a modern form. Likewise, in Mandana art people used to have a black outline. Here, Shri.Somnath Mukhopadhyay has used Black Iron string with bright hues. It will be mystical, and magical too.

Idol: The traditional looking pratima will be made by Shri. Pradip Pal of Kumortuli while
Pandel decoration will be done by South Calcutta Decorators.

Last year Award: CSCE Telegraph -3 star, EIILM - Shreshtha Najar kara pujo, "Baanchgo", NGO - First.

Day/Date of Inauguration will be on Chaturthi i.e. 11th October'2010. Shri. N.K.Narayanan (Ex-Governor) and Shri. Amit Kiran Dev(Ex-chief Secretary, Writer's Building) are expected to inaugaurate the puja.
Social & Cultural side: Every year the club organises blood donation camp, Sit & Draw compition, plantation, free coaching for needy students, free health check up and does financial help to the poor.

How to go
: To access this puja you need to reach at Dum Dum park Bus stop.
Key Persons
: Shri. Rana Sengupta
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