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Dumdum Park Bharat Chakra - "Putul Nach-er Itikotha"

As the journey of life begins we get accustomed to puppets. We are introduced to them by playing with them. Gradually in the course of life we become puppets in the hands of time. Or are we puppets from the very beginning and it’s just the way we are being seasoned to the eternal fact! Dumdum Park Bharat Chaka has adopted this immortal virtue of life as their theme for Durgatsab 2010. The noted artist Gourago Kuila have crafted the concept and gave it a structural shape using puppets only.

The puppet house will be inaugurated on Chaturthi, 11th October, 2010. Mr. Debasish Tapadar and Mr. Pratik Chowdhuri, Jt. Secretaries, Dumdum Park Bharat Chakra, humbly invites you to witness the only constant virtue of dynamic life and grace the occasion.

Cultural Aspect: A few enthusiastic local youths started the club in 1957. They wanted to give the local residents a sense of belongingness to the area. During this short span of time the club has become one of the most noted organizations in this part of the city. The organization has won the hearts of thousands with their cultural enrichment and social involvements.

The club has their own cultural magazine, Prayas. They have also initiated a Prayas Sahitya Sanman recently.

Hall of Fame
: The club has not only won thousands of hearts but a number of awards also. Last year the club was honoured by Asian Paint Sharad Samman – Shrestha Puja, Impact Puja Safety Award – 2nd, Finolex Aloke Surakkha Samman – 2nd , CESC Telegraph  true spirit puja – 2 Star,  Star Ananda – “Hall of Fame”,  ICore pujor shera Shiropa – 5th, Shrishti TV sharod Samman – Best and many more.

Committee for the Spciety: The committee always wanted to reach out to the hearts of people around. They offer aids to the needy ones. They distribute winter wears and blankets to the poor, arrange for free thalasemia treatment for the underprivileged, organize free health check up camps, free eye check up camps, and blood donation camps on a regular basis.

Reach out: Two routes can be accessed to get this Puja. One is from Baguiati More and another is from Jessore Road. As you reach Dum Dum Park, just walk towards United Bank Of India’s local branch and you reach the Puppet House on show for this Puja.
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