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Bosepukur, Talbagan - Clay and Pottery

2011 Coverage

Theme: This year Bosepukur Talbagan have made the whole thing up with 'mati' or 'clay' There is a use of clay materials in various forms of shapes & sizes, especially pottery. The theme tried to convey the message that we all have been created from 'mati' that is, we all emerged from the soil and after our death we all become one with the soil. We can refer to Ma Sita here, who was found in a farm while ploughing because when we see the pandal even the idols of god & goddessess has been emerging from the potter's wheel. Even the 'pratima' has been completely decked up with clay. 

2010 Coverage

Though a renowned puja, Bosepukur, Talbagan is relatively a tenderfoot amongst the other big pujas of South Kolkata. Despite the other puja pandals are working on something new, Talbagan will still concentrate on their specialty, i.e. making use of the unused material. This will be the 19th year of celebration where the famous artist Shri.Prasanta Pal will bring different flavor in decoration with the unused materials.

Theme:  Established in the year 1980, Bosepukur, Talbagan Club is working on a brilliant theme called “UNITY”. Here unity is supposed to be created and presented in terms of colorful and unique Plastic works. Artist Shri Prasanta Pal is having high hope for this pandal and he is looking forward to a great success.

Pandal:  This time to decorate and embroider the Bosepukur,Talbagan pandal, secretary Mr.Subhendu Ghosh has hired Luna Decorators of Tamluk. Maa Kali Electrics has been hold responsible for creating beautiful light works in and out of the pandal.

Day/Days of Inauguration:  With the rhythms of dhaks, conch shells and burning of pradip, Bosepukur, Talbagan Puja will be inaugurated on Panchami/12th October 2010.  Their expected guest will be none other than our Rail Minister Mamata Banerjee.

Last Year Awards:  Their splendid performance in the last year has helped them to achieve awards in different categories.
Asian Paint’s within Shera Baro
Pratidin- Shera Dos(10), awarded the 7th position
I Core- Sreshtha Pratima
RADs’- Sreshtha Pujo

Social Involvement:  Bosepukur,Talbagan Club in association with Help Age India organizes free weekly Medical check up for more than 80 people.
They also arrange for heart check up camp in association with BM Birla Heart Research Center.
Thalasemia treatment and donating blankets to the poor during the winter is also organized.

Route Guide:   There are two ways to reach this puja pandal. You can either take the route of Gariahat or take a bus from Ruby General Hospital to get down at the nearest bus stop ‘Bosepukur,Talbagan’.
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