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Bosepukur Parijat Club - Speaking Through The Papers

Keeping that true spirit in mind for the last 35 years, Bosepukur Parijat Club will be celebrating their 36th year in a grand way.  This year the club is coming up with a creative theme which might sound impossible to us. As Bosepukur Parijat Club is one of the major crowd-pullers, they have decided to make the papers speak this time. Their theme says “KAGOJ KATHA BOLE”, which was a challenge to the expertise creator Shri .Sukanta Das and he has hit the bull’s eye.  He planned to design his pandal with various kinds of colorful papers except taking the help of the newspapers. 

Every year this club has been presenting their unique way of surprises with amazing themes. Even in the recent past Bosepukur Parijat became quite popular through Radio Mirchi with their hot pandal made with Shukno Lanka, the red chilly. Who could have ever thought that a pandal can also be made of with “Pao”, our daily bread! This marvelous thought of their puja portrayed our “Purono Kolkata” which proved to be magnificent.  Communal harmony has been wonderfully portrayed here by Aabir and Rakhi. 

Idol:  Coming up with unique ideas and simple thoughts makes work easier, this is what Bosepukur Parijat club believes in. So this time their idol will appear in an impressive traditional wear that will truly make each of us feel nostalgic. It shall take us for a ride to our childhood days where we use to play “Pujo Pujo Khela”.  I am sure you will be completely awestruck by their exceptional work of art of the idol. 

Day/Days of Inauguration: The ‘Shubharambh’ will be on Panchami, i.e. 12th of October’2010. 

Last Year Awards: Kasba Thana Samannay Committee- Sera Bhabna

Social Involvement:  It is a blessing in disguise as thought by the secretary Mr. Amit Barik of Bosepukur Parijat Club. They will arrange for free eye check up, blood donation camp, Thalassaemia treatment, distributing blankets to the needy during Winter and so on.                                        

Reach out:  To be a part of their puja and enjoy utmost you need to come to Kasba Notun Thana and then walk for 5mins or so.

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