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BJ Block, Salt Lake

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2011 Coverage

Photography Courtesy: Soumalya Kumar De (The Rising)

2010 Coverage

It’s a primitive belief that the flowering of waving Kaash indicates the rains are over and the autumn has begun. It’s a time for good hope. The bright and breezy mornings, silky sunshine, mild smell of shiuli flowers make us feel that  the durga Puja 2010 countdown has begun! This year BJ blok, Salt lake is going to adore our beloved Kobiguru Rabindranath during the celebration of Durga Puja.The three best will be mingled with each other and these are

Autumn: the best season of Bengal,
Durga puja: the best festival of Bengal and
Rabindranath: the best of the bests.

The theme catchline is:
                           "Rabindra aaloke udvasito, BJ blocker Sharod nibedan.......Tomaar pujaar chhale"
Tagore’s short tale Kabuliwallah concludes right in the middle of autumn—saratkaal. Mini’s marriage takes place during the puja holidays, and Rahman’s own daughter awaits her father’s return in her distant mountain home. The essence of Kabuliwallah lies in basking in such an aura of human generosity.

The presentation will surely enchant our feelings. The overall decoration will be fabulous. The series of Taal Gachh (Palm Tree) will be on the bank of the Kopaai River. The wall will be  decorated with artistic relief work by the Artists coming from Santhal Parganas.

Last year Award:    "Labon hrad Sambad" - Sera Pujo
                                WB Police - Over all 2nd
                                Exide - Sera 20

Day/Date of Inauguration: Panchami at 6.30 pm i.e. on 12th October'2010. Though it is not yet decided that who will inaugaurate the puja still it is expected that there will be loads of grandeur as well as fun.

Social & Cultural side: Quiz Compitition, Cultural Program like Song, Dance, drama, and recitation will be there. Blood donation camp, distributing blankets to the poor during Winter, health Check up and financial help to the poor; these are some of the common activities that BJ block does every year.

How to reach there: Near Salt lake Stedium just go towards Karunamoyee, the landmark location to reach thsi puja is 206 bus stand.
Key Persons: Shri. Nilanjab Banerjee/Shri. Shubhanka Basu

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