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Bengali Association of South Florida

Bengali Association of South Florida (BASFL) is a non profit Socio Cultural organization for the Indians who are born and brought up in the Bengali Culture but are thousands of miles away from the soil of Bengal. BASFL is a Non Profit Organization and is exempt from Federal Income Tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to BASFL are deductible under section 170 of the code.

BASFL members are in very high and respected positions in corporate and government sectors. The members are amongst the most highly educated communities in South Florida, boasting of Ph.Ds, top University scholars, Post Graduates in Business, Medicine, Management, Engineering, Accounting, Law, Sciences, and Liberal Arts.

They are a Rich, Vibrant Community of South Florida, USA. The Bengali community are deep rooted in south Florida dating back to 1968 when immigrants came to South Florida from India as students for their higher studies in local Universities. In 1990, people from the Bengali community formed an association to promote Bengali Culture in South Florida for younger generation and got really big in 2007 when it became The Bengali Association of South Florida (BASFL). BASFL is one of the young and most enthusiastic organizations in South Florida showcasing the rich and diversified culture of India, especially of Bengal. People, who formed BASFL, are actively involved in and dedicated to nurturing Asian Indian culture in South Florida for over a decade. BASFL, a nonprofit organization is actively participating in blending Asian Indian culture with the culture of North America and synthesizing the best. Over the years, BASFL has been extremely active culturally, religiously, philanthropically, socially, contributing to various institutions of society.

They have initiated the Durga puja 4 years back. They maintain a very traditional theme to get the feel of the roots to the tradition miles away. Indraneil Ghosh, president, BASFL, co-ordinates to all the Bengalees spread around the world.
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