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Behala Nutan Dal - Exhibition of Traditional Flamnoyance

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To mark the four graceful days of Durgaotsab, Behala Nutan Dal of South Kolkata will be celebrating its 45 years this time. Worshiping the divine power, the Behala club since the recent past years has worked hard to bring themselves into the limelight of the Kolkata viewers.

History of Club/Puja:  The fever of festivity begins almost one or two months ahead. Every year the puja committee worked on the traditional concept but in 2006, the theme shifted to artistic and ingenious mode. It was a blockbuster that year as Shri.Rono Banerjee made the miracle by creating ‘Khepir Chatal’ that became a huge crowd puller and bagged 19 prizes of excellence. Another appreciation on a large scale with 21 prizes took place in the very next year where they worked on the concept of ‘Bonor Deul’. The puja committee gradually started earning more appreciation with pace of time.

The joint secretary of the club, Mr. Debabrata Mukherjee and Partha Sarathi Mukherjee, along with other co-members promised to imprint a deep-rooted feeling amongst the pandal hoppers in this year also. With the establishment of the committee in 1966, the members of the Club worked heart to heart to won accolades and appreciation from the people.

Social Involvement:  A lot of social activities were performed right from the inception of the Behala Nutan Dal Club. On every Republic Day, the club organizes a blood donation camp and with their benevolent activity they made this social cause an eminent social festival. Free medical camp is arranged on every Wednesday in association with Loknath Divine Life Mission. There are also other notable social activities like ‘Sit-n-Draw competition for the children, regular Ambulance care on 15t August since 2007 and so on.

Last Year Awards:  Behala Nutan Dal is a several award wining puja committee that has won Star Ananda’s Blockbluster, Channel 10-Aircel’s Sharad Mukut Srestha Shilpi, CESC Telegraph’s True to tradition Award and so on.

Theme:  2010, will be the 46th year for Behala Nutan Dal. They have planned to come up with an excellent theme that will exhibit beauty with traditional flamboyance and gaiety. Shri.Rono Banerjee, the most eminent creative advisor of this Club is yet to finish his excellent work for this year. So fasten up your belts to watch his art of work.

Route Guide:  To attend this puja you need to reach at Behala Thana. The nearest landmark is before Behala Tram Depot.

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