Behala Club Sarbojanin Durgotsab - Believes in creativity with obsolescent arts

Turning into the 66th glorious year, the South Kolkata, Behala Club Sarbojanin Durgostsab will be celebrating their puja in a grand way. Greeting 2010 durga puja with a warm essence and feeling is what the club members are looking to.

History of Club/ Puja
:  Since 1938, Behala Club gradually started growing itself to be a prominent socio- cultural organization of South Kolkata. It has made an important mark of itself by performing various cultural and social activities. In the course of time, they have taken up pioneering leadership in inventing creative art in the field of Bengal’s most popular festival – ‘Durgotsav’. Their unique thought of providing employment to the creative artists belonging to the backward classes has added value to the club. It is a great feeling for the members of the Behala Club who has found out those rare artists from various remote corners of our country who make obsolescent arts. They have done a great job by giving them platform to exhibit and present before their innovative artistic works.  No matter from which background these artists come from, but it has been always a challenge and responsibility of this club to bring them forward and benefit the society.
 Achievement:  Their main achievement was to find out the rare talents of our country and offer them employment to show their expertise in creativity. With the blessings and love of the thousands and thousands of people visiting the pandal every year has helped Behala Club Sarbojanin Durgotsab achieve several awards.

Social Services
:   Working for the society unanimously is what Behala Club believes in. So every year they organize ‘SRIJON’ – a festival of socio-cultural-sports activities, free text book library (Class IX – Degree Course), free school for street children, organizing plantation program, medical check up and so on.

Route Guide
:  Walk down to Behala Club Bhawan and find the puja pandal located just opposite to Behala police station.

Key Persons
:  Shri. Nirmalya pratim Panda,Shri. Amitabh Banerjee.