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Azadgarh Himachal Sangha Durgapuja

The puja at Azadgarh Himachal Sangha is unique in the aspect that in this age of utter commercialisation n cut-throat competition among puja committees, thus leading to the age of innovative theme pujas, this puja has managed to hold a special place in many peoples' hearts by maintaining a super simple, homely n traditional para-type atmosphere each n every passing year ( except in the year 2005, when on the occassion of silver-jubilee year the entire puja was conceptualised on a combination of patshilpa of Bengal n chhoushilpa of Purulia - the puja was a major disaster that year in terms of appeal among the members of the committee n residents too )...the concept of theme is strictly rejected n prohibited here....our divine simplicity n solemnity is the USP of this puja....this puja was started in the year 1980 ( though the club was formed way back in 1950 ) by a group of local members....the entire 4-days season witness a total adda session-atmosphere.
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