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47 Palli, Yubak Brinda - The Golden Jubilee Celebration

Durga puja is around the corner...the countdown has aleady begun. The puja committees are extremely busy giving their last minute suggession to the artisan, Theme makers, illuminator or who belong to this glorified puja.

This year 47 Palli, Yubak Brinda will come up with glorious creation of tradirional frame of mind. It's like old designed mandir with long courtyard where both side of the wall has been depicted and decorated with ten hand a Maa Durga. She was sent forth against Mahishasura armed by symbols of divine power e,g, Vishnu's discus; Shiva's trident; Varuna's conchshell; Agni's flaming dart; Vayu's bow; Surya's quiver and arrow; Yama's iron rod; Indra's thunderbolt; Kubera's club and a garland of snakes from Shesha and a lion as a charger from Himalayas. The myth reminds us that a fierce battle took place. Finally when Mahishasura in the guise of a buffalo charged against Durga, the Devi beheaded the buffalo and from it emerged Mahishasura in his original form. Durga pierced his chest with the trident and relieved the world from the evil power. But here 47 Palli, Yubak Brinda has tried something different by presenting two asuras. One signifies the command of Maa Durga that

"I can free you if you beg apology for your misdeed", and second one justifies Durga as a "Durgatinashini". The entire mandap has been enriched with the incidents of "Ramayana". The theme is conceptualized by the committee members.

Idol: The famous artisan Shri.ParimalPal from Kumartuli will present Sabeki Pratima. Pandel decoration will be done by Aashirbaad Decorators, Tamluk. Moti Electric has done a wonderful lighting.

Last year Award
: Rotary Club's Consolation Prize.

Day/Date of Inauguration is Panchami i.e. on 12th October'2010 where Maharaj Of "Ramkrishna Mission", popular Footballer Shri. Biswajit Bhattacharya and coach Shri. Sabbir Ali will inaugaurate the show.
Social Service: Distribution of new clothes to the poor on the day of inauguration, blood donation camp, distribution of blankets to the poor during winter, health check up, financial help to the poor-these are some of the works the club does every year.

How to go: To access this puja you need to reach at Central Metro. (Central-BBD Bag Crossing) Opp. to Islamia Hospital.

Key Persons: Shri. Pushpak Mukherjee.
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