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25 Polly Khidderpur

The celebration of Durga Puja goes very far back in history and there are abundant references to it in Indian literature from 12th century onwards. Today, Durga Puja is celebrated as a community festival. Over the years the Puja celebration has changed a lot. Earlier, it was the most expensive of all festivals and could only be performed by the rich and the powerful like feudal lords, rajas and big businessmen. However, it always evoked great enthusiasm and popular support.But in today's ethos, The evolution of many clubs, associations and societies has made the Puja cosmopolitan in character. The social and ritualistic significance of the Puja has also been modified to a great degree. Today, this festival has become an occasion for pageantry and extravaganza.

This year Khidderpore 25 polli is going to celebrate 66th year and will come up with theme pujo. But here the exception is through theme pujo also 25 polli has designed how the primitive baroari pujo had been celebrated in the villeges of Bengal. This theme will exhibit our tradition. In the podium we will see ten deities, which have been decorated by the efficient artisans of Chandannagar.The entire mandap will be furnished with the rich work of Jafri. So, don't forget to enlist 25 polli in your Puja schedule.

Idol- The Pratima will have a traditional look and the artisan is Shri. Prosanta Pal.

The mandap will be inaugaurated on the day of Chaturthi i.e. 11th October'2010 at 7 p.m.

Every year 25 Polli won many awards. Last year this puja won Aaj Bikaash - Sera Pratima, RAD Sharod Samman and award from Sonar Bangla & Prottoy.

Social & Cultural side: The club is always famous for its Cultural Program like Song, Dance, drama, recitation, etc. They arrange blood donation camp, free health Checkup, and also does financial help to the poor.

How to go: To Access this puja you need reach at Khidderpore More and then walk two minutes toward Manshatala.

Key Persons: Shri. Salil Chatterjee/Shri. Samir Pal.
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