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22 Palli - Northern Park - Celebrating 67 years

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22 Palli Pratima and Mondop 2011 Parikrama - A Durgapuja Online Exclusive coverage

2011 Coverage

2010 Coverage

This year 22 palli (Subhas Udayan) has been inspired by Kabiguru Rabindranath Thakur’s famous poem, “Talgaachh”. Viswakabi portrays this tree with the strength to withstand the test of time and human greed. Here, the creators want to give a new dimension with beautiful wood curving on palm trees, collected from the different parts of West Bengal, aiming to highlight that the almighty god has  given us more that one reasons to be alive.  

Under the benign and cultural atmosphere of the club the puja started with the fabulous relief work of Maa Durga on Canvas. On that time it created a revolution. Since then 22 palli puja has been entertaining the viewers  with their innovative ideas. In their Diamond Jubilee celebration people became overwhelmed to see concept of Maa Chandi’s aradhana with an extra-ordinary light work. Then they presented the glory of the pottery village Raghurajpur. This year 22 pally is going to celebrates its 66th Durgotsav, giving ‘Shraddhanjali’ to Viswakabi.

Subhas Udayan, Bhawanipur has been running since two years before India achieved independence. It’s a long way……During 60’s Lt. Shri. Pashupati Nath Saha initiated to organize a Puja celebration. That was the beginning.

Cultural Events : This year Subhas Udayan will  bring forth some traditional flavor throughout the festive days. The famous Chhau and  Santhali nritya with the rhythmic beats of dhamsa-maadol. Baul sangeet will enchant you with its nostalgic tune. Apart from that a musical evening is going to organize to mingle the blend of tradition and contemporary Bengali Culture.

Pratima : An eminent artist Shri. Arun Pal and Rabindranath Saha (Krishnanagar) will take care of  making idols.        

Pandal : The entire concept of making pandal, envisioned by Shri. Prodip Mandal.

Light : Shri. Bharat Bag will create an illusion with Illumination.

Committee Member : Mr. Arun Chatterjee  (chief coordinator), Ranajit Mallick President, and Jayanta Pal Hony. General Secretary

Location : Bhawanipore (South Kolkata)

Route Guide : 5 minutes walk from Bhawanipore Jagubabur bazar.

Route Guide (Click here for Route Direction)
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