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Suruchi Sangha - Mission Kashmir to Vision Kashmir

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2011 Coverage

Theme: Celebrating 58th year, on 2011 Suruchi Sangha brings Kashmir in there theme. The theme deals with the uncertain climatic future of this heaven in earth, where the ice is getting melted, the river is behaving strange and this small heaven in the mountain is living in uncertainty and in the hand of destiny. The idea has been conceptualized by Sri Subrata Bannerjee, the famous theme maker.

2010 Coverage

2010 Theme:

Jal-e jeebon, praner aandhar
Jal chara keu baanche?
Jal baanchiye jeebon baachan
Karnataker dhanche..............

Idol: Shri.Biswajit Pal, Nadia.

Pandal: Shri. Nitaai.

Light: Jugnu Electric.

Day/Date of Inauguration: The inauguration will take place on Panchami i.e. on 12th October’2010.

Social & Cultural side: Besides celebrating Durgotsab, every year “Suruchi Sangha” provides financial support to Thalassaemia patients. The club provides clothes and financial support to eleven hermaphrodites. Four eminent legal professionals provide free legal advice to those who cannot afford it. Four needy children who were working in tea stalls have been given financial support so that they could go back to their studies. “Suruchi Sangha” also helps the needy students of the locality who are appearing for Secondary/Higher Secondary Exams financially.

“We have provided financial support to the organization called ‘Sanlap’ which looks after the welfare of the children of sex workers. We also provide financial support to five needy girls to help them get married”, said one of the members to durgapujaonline.com.

The club conducts Blood and Eye Donation camps on a regular basis. The members also set up free health check up camps periodically. Nearly 30,000/- has been donated for the construction of Rishi Aurobindo Primary School of Majerhat Colony. They organize free medicine distribution camps for the needy people of the locality from time to time.

There are many elderly couples in the locality whose children stay abroad. When contacted, the members of Suruchi Sangha help such couples at the time of emergencies, buying medicines for them and do domestic help for them.

How to go: There are two main entries to access Suruchi Sangha's pujo..One is from Taratala crossing and another one is from Tollyganj Phari. You need to reach at New Alipur Petrol Pump where from it is just 2 minutes walk. The nearest Metro Station is Rabindra Sarovar.

Key Persons: Shri. Swarup Biswas

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