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Singhi Park Sarbojanin Durga Puja

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Celebrating the four auspicious days of DURGA PUJA in a very special way is what that runs in our mind with the arrival of AUTUMN. The festive mood builds stronger with the gathering of the ‘Dhakis’ coming from the countryside. It feels great to see them beating their feathered drums and initiating the rhythm giving us goose bumps.

Singhi Park Sarbojanin Durga Puja, one of the oldest and most renowned pujas of South Kolkata, is going to celebrate the 69th year celebration of Durga Puja. The history of illustrious Singhi Park Durga puja dates back to 1941. The pioneer of this Puja in its 1st year of celebration was Late Birendranath Mustafi , who was ably assisted by late Lalit Mohon Mitra, Late Nolini Mohon Shastri, Late Soumendu Nath Sinha, Late Rajanath Banerjee, Late Naresh Chandra Bose, an eminent Professor of B.E. College, Shibpur and also by the other eminent personalities of the locality. During this long journey of 69 years, the puja has been established as one of the most prestigious pujas of Kolkata. But this has not affected the cultural heritage of the Puja. In contrast to the present trend of 'theme' pujas, Singhi Park has still continued the traditional way of worshipping the "Mother Goddess". Over the years, however, the pandal has been very innovative and accompanied by lighting from Chandannagar.

This year Singhi Park will come up with a replica of the famous Golden Temple of Amritsar. The intricate design work is the brain child of the famous designer & artist Sri Sutanu Maity of Contai. At a time when theme pujas are ruling the roost, Singhi park has believed to stick to the tradition during the 69th year celebration and present a piece of India in their effort to show India’s Unity in Diversity. The art works in plywood base will be one of the main attractions of this year's Puja.

Shri Bhaskar Nandi, one of the club members, said durgapujaonline.com, “Like previous years, award winning artist Sri Mohon Banshi Rudra Pal will be giving his blessed touch to our idol. Standing at 22 ft high the goddess and her companions are created in the traditional Bengali gharana in the ‘Ek Chala’ pattern. It has been the tradition of Singhi Park to worship ‘Matri Murti’ only, being one of the most authentic Puja organizers of Kolkata."

Another member Shri. Abhijit Majumdar said, “In line with our tradition, we shall not make any experiment with the art form of Maa Durga. Lighting has always been a special attraction in Singhi Park. Keeping in mind the need for growing awareness of environmental preservation, the committee has kept its theme as the national flower of India, Ukraine and England. The lighting will be done by Pintu Chatterjee from Chandanagar”, he signs off.

Day/Date of Inauguration: The ‘Shubarambh’ will take place on Panchami, 12th of October, 2010. Our honorable Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee, Kolkata Mayor, and Chief of Gurdwara Prabondhak Committee will be inaugurating the ‘pandal’. ‘Satabdi Ballet’ troop will also be participating on the inaugural day.

Social Activities
: Throughout the year, Singhi Park Club works on various social services and programs. They organize blood donation camps, health check up facilities, distribution of blankets to the needy during winter, financial help to the poor and so on. Besides this, Singhi Park will try to bring smile to people who confine themselves within the four wall of ‘Nabaneer’(Old age home) this year. The club also decided to take 30 slum boys and girls, who did never dare to step into the gorgeous pandals, to a joyride in Kolkata. Chairman Mr Durga Prasad Mukherjee confines to durgapujaonline, “For us Durga Puja is not just winning awards or whether we are the tallest pandals in town or not. It’s a much bigger thing. It is about bringing happiness to the people.”

Route Guide: Singhi Park is a renowned Baroyari Durga Puja of South Kolkata. The puja is located on Ramani Chatterjee Road. Your nearest landmark is Gariahaat Police Station and Gariahaat Pantaloons. People coming from both Ruby side and Rashbehari Avenue can take a bus or auto to Gariahaat and walk for 5mintues towards Gariahaat Pantaloons. The nearest metro station to this puja is Kalighat. The puja can be reached easily from Park Circus too.

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