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Simla Byam Samity - This puja was banned by the British

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2011 Coverage

Celebrating 86th Year with strong heritage and grandeur.

Photography Courtesy: Prasenjit Dhar (The Raising)

2010 Coverage

In the bygone time this durga puja was observed in the royal zamindar family. The common people hardly got entry to feel the warmth of the festivity. As necessity is the mother of invention, late Atindranath Basu felt, famously known as Khudiram Bose to make bridge between the Elites and the common mass. He took the initiative to make it “SARBOJANIN”. In the contemporary time Anandabazar Patrika released an article on this. This Puja has a rich historical background as Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was the president of this club. He used to inspired everybody to take active part on observing Durga Puja with passion and devotion. He used to inaugaurate the puja as well. Initially it was started with “Ekchala” pattern. Maa durga wore “Khaddar Saree” signifying Non cooperation with the British Government. Suddenly the puja was banned by the British.

This Club was established on 1926. This club is blessed with some legendary founder members and well wishers like, Shri. Subhas Ch. Bose, Swami Vivekananda’s bother Mahendra Dutta and other freedom fighters. In 1939, Shri. Mahendra Dutta took initiatives to separate the idols, restructured the thoughts and ideas, made a use of different hues. The Present generation has been following the tradition with immaculate adoration.

Celebrating 85 years, this year Simla byam Samity will come up with the nostalgic essence of traditionalism. The club members have decided to keep themselves aloof from the hazard of theme confusion. In the year 2010 we will see a replica of Akshay Dham. People of this club wish to worship their goddess as “Maa”.

Chief Co-ordinator: Mr. Asoke Kr. Das.

Social Involvement : Sit and Draw competition; Blood Donation Camp; Free Homoeopathy centre; Financial help for the street children; Clothes distribution to the poor.

Address : Girish Park (North Kolkata)

Route Guide : There are main two entries to get the puja. One is from Girish Park and another one is from Bidhan Sarani Vivekananda crossing. From Vivekananda crossing one has to reach at Simla bus stoppage.

Route Guide (Click here for Route Direction)
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