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Santosh Mitra Square - Beyond Expectation

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2011 Coverage

Photography Courtesy: Prasenjit Dhar (The Raising)

2010 Coverage

In the Northern outskirts of the city Santosh Mitra square has become quite famous in the recent times. Durga Puja is a celebration of the Mother Goddess and the victory of the revered warrior Goddess Durga over the evil Mahishasura. The Durga Puja festival is an extremely social and theatrical event. Drama, dance, and cultural performances are widely held in many of the pandals.  In the evenings, the streets of Kolkata become crowded with people, filled with joy and grandeur.

In Santosh Mitra Square the Durga puja has been presided over by Shri. Pradip Ghosh. He shoulders all the responsibilities of this big event. It was in 1997, to commemorate Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose on his 100th birthday celebration Santosh Mitra Square came up with a Ship, naming "KAMATAMARU".  The crowd was astounded. Print media and TV channels compete hard with each other to cover the puja. The brain behind the theme is none other than Shri. Pradip Ghosh. After that incident Santosh Mitra square is always in the limelight of the viewers as well as for Media. All the members worked hard to bring the puja on a focus. Previously they did remarkable art work by making Lotus Temple, Train Accident At Gaisal, Madhukar Dinga, and Tata's Nano Motor Company. Last year Kanyakumari came to Calcutta, with the Vivekananda temple and the Vivekananda rock being recreated. Modern Decorators and artists from Ramoji Film City have worked for 30 days to construct the 180-ft-tall structure that spreads Swamiji’s message, Jibe prem kore jei jon, sei jon sebichhe ishwar.

Social & Cultural side:  The club does lots of social work like they distribute free beds in Thakurpukur Cancer Hospital, six scholarship facility in the Universities (Calcutta University, Jadavpur University & Rabindra Bharati University), financial help to orphanage, donation of  new clothes to 500 needy children, planning for free old age home in the recent future.

How to go
: There are two main entries to access the pujo of Santosh Mitra Square. One is from Boubazaar Crossing and another one is from Sealdah Station. The nearest Metro Station is Mahatma Gandhi Road. You need to walk from Boubajar More to Bank of India More, then turn right to Santosh Mitra square. If you come from Sealdah you need to turn left from Bank of India More.                 

Key Persons
- Shri. Pradip Ghosh.

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