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Salt Lake Laboni Estate - 2011 - Jini Mata, Tini Trata (The Holy Mother is the Saviour)

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On their 37th year of Celebration, Laboni Estate Puja Committee 2011 is taking us to back to our basics, where the power of woman is ultimate. She is the mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend, so many avatars yet once principal significance, that is she is the mother, the supreme, the creator of power, with a heart full of mercy. She is the Saviour whenever the society demands, the mother is there with all her strength, power, courage and love. Its a must visit puja this year. 

Laboni Estate on 2010

Let us not complicate the most awaited festival of Bengalees anymore. It is the time of celebrating unity, festivity, joy, small chit-chats that you long for the rest of the year while working those extra shifts and competing in that rat race of life. It is not the time to storm your brain out yet again ideating for some theme and competing with others.

Laboni celebrates their puja in the most traditional way. Just as Bengalees worship their Maa Durga and greets their very own Parvati with her four children in her maternal home. Maa will be decked up in her traditional manner. The mandap has been fashioned like a traditional Durga Mandir with some incredible rock craft. The ceremony will be inaugurated on Chaturthi, 11th October, 2010.

Mr. Sunit Sarkar, Mr. Debasis Das and Mr. Biswajit Chakrabarty along with all the denizens of Laboni Estate heartily invite you to grace their celebration with your presence and relish the flavor of the celebration of Maa’s homecoming.

Cultural Aspect: Apart from usual sit-n-draw competitions and other talent encouraging healthy contests, the estate has maintained a very healthy and cultural environment. During Puja days, tune of Rabindra Sangeet freshens up the environment. People of all age group take active part in Dhunuchi naach. Little ones tap around their feet on the rhythm of Dhak. Women of the complex get busy in arranging every bit of the puja preparations.

Hall of Fame: This Puja is the oldest puja of Salt Lake since the township came into existence. The fact itself is a tell-tale of its heritage.

Committee for the Society: Being a family the residents of Laboni, as they treat themselves, are always eager to do as much as possible at their end for the society. Free health check camps, free eye check camps, free thalasemia treatment for the underprivileged, distribution of winter wears and blankets to the poor are the must haves in their usual events for social cause apart from other incidental cause related issues like, Ayela, Tsunami, and other natural calamities.
Reach out: Salt Lake is known for the area’s homely environmental pujas. Laboni is the most renowned and oldest puja of the township. Once you are in Salt Lake, all the way you need to go is to Labona Housing Estate, and there you reach this year’s Durga Mandir mandap to greet Maa and her children.

Labony Estate, Salt lake, Kolkata 700064, Near Tank - 1

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Salt Lake Laboni Estate - 2011 - Jini Mata, Tini Trata (The Holy Mother is the Saviour) Salt Lake Laboni Estate - 2011 - Jini Mata, Tini Trata (The Holy Mother is the Saviour) Reviewed by Web Strategy on August 23, 2010 Rating: 5

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