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Salt Lake FD Block 2011 - Watch out the 52 Feet Idol

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The two ultimate divinities, Hara-Parvati, united to become one and the divine image of numeric calculations was created. Salt Lake FD Block celebrates this divine creation in their Puja theme 2010.

Mr. Rana Banerjee of Academy of Fine Arts ideated the theme. Mr. Banerjee has focused on the five mandirs of Haridwar and Rishikesh while ideating the theme. Sri Dhar Electric, Chandan Nagar and Shera Electric are illuminating the venue. The idol is a surprise to all. Thus expect to find nothing expected or traditional. A research team was sent to north India and based on the detailed reports a story has been fashioned which would act as the key stimulus of the theme. 256 pigeons have been trained by Mr. Banerjee to perform during the puja period to thrust the visitors into a world of illusion, between the real and surreal.

Hall of Fame: Last year the puja theme of Salt Lake FD Block was inspired by the Champa Shiva temple of Vietnam. This incarcerates the spread of Indian culture timed with the Prime Minister’s visit to China that year. The mandap was beautifully decorated and idols of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Gautam Buddha were well placed in the mandap campus for public admiration.

Committee for the Society
: The committee believes in helping the underprivileged and doesn’t want to consider their help to be termed as “social work”. Distribution of winter wears and blankets to the poor, free treatment of thalassaemia for the people who can’t afford it are some of the regular aids availed by the committee. Free health check camps, eye check up camps, and blood donation camps are responsibly being organized the group in social interest.

Reach out: Kolkatans doesn’t fear the overload of traffic on roads or the maddening man rush during this one week of the year. During your usual pandal hopping rush towards Ultaganga, as you reach the main crossing, just slide towards Salt Lake FD Block and as you reach the area you find yourself in the surreal world of their puja theme.

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