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Salt Lake BE Block - Innovation at it's Best

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From past 30 years Salt Lake BE East is keeping a true spirit and finally this year the club is planning to celebrate its 31st year in a fabulous way.  Salt lake BE Block is always a crowd puller in Salt Lake and this year also they are expecting a huge footfall.

The theme maker Arindam Mukherjee is very optimistic about his puja. In an interview with durgapujaonline.com he said, “Our distinctive & creative way of conducting the festival has won appreciation and accolade, not only from the residents of salt lake, but also from the general populace of Kolkata and west Bengal at large. We have been awarded over 50 coveted awards from the distinguished critics and panel of judges during the last five years. This year we are a part of the prestigious chosen/selected 20 pujas for the ANANDA ANGAN 2010.”

The Salt Lake BE East has won many prizes under various categories. From last five years the puja committee has won not less than fifty awards including Asian Paints, Star Ananda Blockbuster and Magastar.

Route Direction: To be a part of the grandeur of Salt lake BE Block and enjoy utmost you need to come to Ultodanga or Karunamoyee. From both the stop you will get an auto for this stop. This is a straight route from Ultodanga. The address is B E -346, SECTOR-1 SALT LAKE CITY KOLKATA-700064.

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