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Salt Lake AJ Block

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2011 Coverage

Photography Courtesy: Soumalya Kumar De (The Rising)

2010 Coverage

Adhunik Sabhyotay Aadim Rang

‘Worshipping Ma Durga by following the Primitive tribal culture’, is what AJ Block Committee is working with.

AJ Block Puja, being one of the renowned pujas of Salt Lake is standing on its 26th year of celebration. Since the inception, the committee is working hand in hand to make their puja a presentable one. This year, each of the Puja committee members has been putting their highest possible efficiency, unique ideas and aesthetic senses for the event. The purpose behind this excellent venture is to introduce the masses to the culture and civilization of our ancestors.

After knowing the ancient history of Anthropological evolution, we have an idea about the colorful belief (“TOTEM”) of the primitive people. At that point of time when nature terrified people with its own whim, they started creating various medium to pray and worship God. It was just a superstition by considering any object or animal as a symbol of omnipotent to protect them from evil. This is what AJ block is coming up with in 2010. The theme portrays “Adhunik Sabhyotay Aadim Rang”. The master-mind, Suman Halder will be presenting before you the ‘primitive hue in the modern civilization’. The main objective of the decoration is based on putting forward the color of early civilization and blending it into today’s festivities.

The ‘idol’ and ‘mandap’ will be a traditional one with illusionary and imaginary settings.

Awards won: Kolkata Tv-Najarkara, Kolkata TV -Sera 25 Nabaratna, Kolkata TV –Nabaratna, Star Ananda – Sharod Samman, Labon Hrad Sambad & May Paint –Ser Mandap, Hero Honda – Sera 10, Bengal Net Anandamela puja samman - 3rd, EIILM pujo samman – Bhalo laga pujo ….and so on.

Social Involvement: The committee works for the poor children by providing education to them.

Key Persons: Shri.Ranjan Ray, Shri.Saibal Adhikary and Shri.Sekhar Saha

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