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Kumartooli Park Sarbojanin

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2011 Coverage

Photography Courtesy: Prasenjit Dhar (The Rising) and Santanu Singha

2010 Coverage

We all know that Kumartuli, Sovabazar is the famous potter-town in Kolkata where group of creative artists run deity making workshop.  This place is renowned for specialization in creating a range of Hindu religious idols and other models. Their artistic work of art has not only captured the heart of Bengalis but also the art-loving people abroad.

This time the Kumartuli Park  of North Kolkata is celebrating its 18th year of puja in a grand way.  Their journey through out these seventeen years was marvelous as they performed a remarkable job in times of inaugurating the puja. Thinking outside the box is what the committee members believe in. In the year 2004, their puja was inaugurated by the AIDS patient. In 2005, they took a challenging step by hiring a Tram and roaming all through Kolkata and carry out their puja publicity. This step was taken just to prove the Government wrong who thought to keep off the movement of the tram.  Truly, Kumartuli Park enlightened us to sweep these superstitious things under the carpet and move on with our challenging steps.

Theme 2010 for Kumartuli Park is truly astonishing. This time the Evolution of Yugs(Era) will be presented. This puja is a must watch as the creator Shri. Subal Pal has thought of portraying the Four Yugs– “SATYA YUG, DAPAR YUG, TRETA YUG & KOLI YUG.” Here, Devi Durga is symbolizing the divine power of KOLI YUG.  The artist Shri Subal Pal has decided to design the idol with 10 Masked Asuras, where ‘Durgatinashini’ will establish peace on earth by killing these Asuras.

Social Involvement:  Free Eye check up, Blood donation camp, Thalassaemia awareness Camp and so on.

Route Guide:  Take a metro to Shovabazar and move towards Lal Mandir/ Naren deb park to reach the puja. Visitors coming from Howrah should get down at Shovabazar ‘More’ and people coming from Sealdah get down at Rajballav Para Stoppage.

Route Guide (Click here for Route Direction)
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