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Jodhpur Park 95 Pally- Roope Roopaantorey Durga

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Preparations are on in full swing to welcome the goddess. Rain has not reduced the spirit of Bengalees to usher the festival with comprehensive celebrations. Songs, dances, dramas and food festivals are some of the inseparable part of the Puja celebrations, besides a focal meeting point of the families and friends. Back home, it is more of a celebration of the reminiscence - forgetting and forgiving the malign and ill feelings and holding the festive spirit to look ahead and forward in overcoming the setbacks and worries in lives, steadying good fortunes and building hopes for a fresh beginning, groaning towards ample positive spirit, zeal and promises. We, therefore, pray to Goddess Durga to win over all perils and evils surrounding us.

In Bengal, Maa is addressed as “Durga”, But she is referred by different names in different regions, such as Bhawani, Bhaavini, Ratnapriya, Kalamanjeeraranjini, Maatangi, Chaamunda, MahishasuraMardini, Ekakanya, Mahodari, Narayani, Katyayani etc. But main source is “AADISHAKTI”. The entire thought is the brain child of Shri. Dipak Ghosh. He wants to create such an ambience, that anyone who will visit the Mandap, could feel the essence of true worshipping. The hymns of mantra, the devotional mood and the heavenly atmosphere will send the welcome note through the divine air.

Social & Cultural side: It was a feeling of oneness, a feeling of pride and honor not only for us but for all. The goodwill of the day’s programme touched a new level in the afternoon through. This club initiates Blood Donation. It was really nice to see so many people joining this great mission, performed their social duty of true citizen of our mother land. To share moments of joy they all gather to celebrate “Bijaya Sammelani

Day/Date of Inauguration: Panchami, 12th October’2010

Who will inaugurate: The Puja committee has invited the hon’ble Governor of West Bengal to inaugurate the Puja .

Key person: Shri. Dipak Ghosh / Shir.Bappaditya

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