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College Square Sarbojanin Durgotsab - Kolkata Nostalgia

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2011 Coverage

Photography Courtesy: Prasenjit Dhar (The Raising)

2010 Coverage

Every year on the eve of Durga puja College Square creates nostalgia.... nostalgia of college life, nostalgia of Adda in the Coffee House or Basanta Cabin. The faded past grows green....It's like Monn kemom kemon (Feel good feelings).... There is hardly anyone who wants to miss this puja. College Square has stepped in 63 years of its meaningful existence. If you count back to these years you will reach before independence. The Durgotsav, organized by this committee, of course supported and co operated by numerous well wishers and people of the locality has created a glorious tradition of sobriety and solemnity, grandeur and devotion. All these criteria attract lakhs of devotees and art lovers from different part of West Bengal.

The College Square takes a different look during these days of festivity, especially at night. The emotions, madness, happiness, love and excitement associated with College Square is simply unbelievable. During durga puja this area transforms into a fairy land of light and music. Millions of people come here and line up before the pandals. They roam around lake throughout the nights with zeal and never ending passion. The puja at College Square is not all about the magic of illumination, but it also upholds the traditional emotion and sentiments. This committee has never joined the bandwagon for chasing awards and prizes. It has always derived solace and blessings showered on them by the visitors. People believe:


This is the feeling evolves in the courtyard of College Square during these festive days. This year College Square will maintain its traditional type puja. The paldal will be a Replica of "LUVER MUSEAM", situated in France, which is one of the greatest museums of the world. The entire art work will fascinate you and will definitely try to give you the feel that you are roaming through the original museum. In College Square bhog is always distributed among the devotees. The Special Bhog is delivered on the auspicious days of Ashtami. Kumari Puja and Sindoor Khela is the special feature of this puja.

Idol: The deities are being designed by the famous artisan Shri. Sanatan Rudra Pal. You can see a sabeki durga maa with rudrani gesture. Pandal is decorated by Pal Decorators.

Light: Das electric of Chandannagar will create a glorious illusion through his extra ordinary lighting.

Day/Date of Inauguration: Chaturthi i.e. 11th October’2010. Govenor/Shri Shir. Sohom Baba/Somen Mitra is expected to inaugurate the puja.

Social & Cultural side:  Every year the club organizes blood donation camp, donation of books to needy children, distribution of medicine for the needy person, donation to the Orphanage.

How to go
: There are three main entries to access the pujo of College square. One is from Boubazaar Crossing and another one is from Shyambajar and Hatibagan. You can come come from Sealdah Station . The nearest Metro Station is Mahatma Gandhi Road and the nearest landmark is Calcutta University.

Key Persons:  Shri. Bikash Majumdar.

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