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Behala Youngmen's Association - All set for Grand 2011 Clebration

2011 Theme

Behala Youngmen’s Association (BYMA) is commemorating this year the 62nd year of the Durga Puja Celebration and had been continuously striving to serve and care for the cause of the society at large in the adjoining area of Joy Krishna Pal Road and S N Roy Road in Behala.

BYMA has evolved this year, a most relevant and brilliant theme concept to celebrate this year’s Durga Puja - the theme being “Routiner Phandey, Shoishab Kandey” [trapped with the daily routine work, the youth goes crying and faded].

The theme has been conceived by Kamal Naskar, a modern art scholar, who is doing the interior decoration work inside the Pandal erected by Sanjib Maity, another art scholar, while the lighting is being displayed by the eminent illuminist, Harsha Das, and Idol sculptured by another modern art scholar, Aditya Mondal.

The theme is based on the strict vigil regime of life witnessed by a child through his daily routine work of life, both at School and also at Home.

The child has no time to realise the intricacies of the Durga Puja celebrations and have little time to think for his leisure work, as he leads a mechanical life.

The theme concept runs like this – since his childhood, a child follows the regulated time slots in his daily routine work of life with no time to spare for recreational activities and sharing thoughts with others. He passes a mechanical life and simply lives like a Robot.

The strict daily routine programmes haunt him every day and he need to excel his best so to top in all competitive exams. The activities beside school study and private education also includes learning computer, art & drawing, swimming, attending music classes, etc.

The today’s child has very little time to understand how Durga Puja is celebrated and he shows lesser interests in celebrating the ceremonial function with joy and pompanos. They know to wear new garments during the festive days and enjoy taking good tasty foodstuffs while hopping down to various Puja Pandals with their parents.

In their minds, they know that once the celebration is over on Dashami, they would need to go back to their timely regulated daily routine work of life.

With the passage of time, these Child, once grown up, will behave like the Robots besides leading a mechanical mindset to stay alive in this world, passing through the timely regulated framework of life. They
will inculcate in a mindset to perceive Durga Puja as a lesser important event than what we all do now.

This attitude in the Child’s mind is turning day by day and the art to celebrate the festive togetherness will be lacking and get lost in the Society. This scenario will emerge in an immense vacuum in the Society while the thirst to uphold the religious festivity will go away. Our children need to be well versed with the proper education in terms of the “Right to Education for All” for which, this theme is a underlining message to one and all in the Society to feel proud in being more educated and to live in a cultured Society enjoying all the mode of lifestyles outside the much called for mechanical life and time bound routine work. This theme strongly looks ahead for in all times to live a harmonious life and to do away with the mechanical lifestyle.

The Pandal will feature various time regulated daily routine work of life that a Child passes throughout the day and as envisaged in today’s trend -  a Clock built with protractor and compass where the lighting features the six daily routine work of life - at Dawn, Morning, Daytime, Afternoon, Dusk, Late Evening and Night. Other items that will be displayed inside the Pandal to include Books, Slates, Pens, Pencils, Cricket bat, Football, Tanpura, Tabla, Harmonium,  Painting Brush, Erasers, Computers and few musical instruments.

All these items are being prepared with tins and ply wood which will be coated chemically and painted with cement spray so as to make these items non-corrosive and more colourful outlook. The Idol background
will feature Pencils and Slates as and by way of the Chalchitra. The deity has modern art look.

Outside the Pandal arena, there shall be display of few Child like looking models taking the shape of the Robots. Once a Child enters into the frontage of the Puja Pandal, he visualises his daily routine work of life items which he passes through, but suddenly this time, he sees the non- routine and non - mechanical daily work life items, which he misses actually in his every day work of life.

These items shall include the latai, kites, chess, ludoo and such unseen recreational items. Once he steps inside the Pandal, he sees again the regular educational items involving his daily routine sphere of life.

All the lighting, both inside and outside the Pandal, will have the new “Comptrollux CFL” illumination articulated with lamps and spots light. The two sides of the Pandal will get displayed with various educative and catchy words and phrases that will be scripted in a poetic format and the fact that the Child reads it every day. However, there shall also be displayed few advisory and informative issues so to educate the Society at large.

This year the  theme “DURGA PUJA INITIATIVES IN CIVIL SOCIETY” is conceived by the women members of BYMA, who for the first time in the Club’s history of 60 years’ of existence, decided to celebrate the Durga Puja. 

Design and Deity look:  A unique, practically articulated with innovative and traditional dresses of the Goddess is conceived by Nepal Pal and Gouranga Pal. The colours used in the deity are all leaded free, which is of 18 feet high and dressed in golden orrnaments. You can take it as USP of this puja.

Pandal Get-up: The Pandal and its surrounding ambience will have the distinctiveness perceived by R. S. Decorators, Kolkata and Iswar Maity from Contai, Medinipur. The Pandal and all interior decorations will be exclusively on Bamboo Carpet frames – an art that is truly unique. The designing will be based on several “bamboo origami” articulated models affixed with clay items like Lamps, Puja utensils, etc.

Illumination:The Durga Puja venue will feature a simple illumination but will visualize dazzling and colourful lightings on both inside and outside the Pandal arena and also on either sides of Joy Krishna Pal Road and S N Roy Road. The same shall be replicated with many eventful lighting objects with spot lights covering the bamboo origamis. Bharati Electric in Kolkata is doing the illumination work.

Last year Award: Telegraph True Spirit, Rotary Sharad Sanman, Sammanay Samiti.           

Day/Date of Inauguration: The inaugauration will be on Chaturthi, 11th October'2010

Social Service: Free eye treatment camp is held regularly on every Sundays. Other than this blood donation and free medical check-up camps, distribution of blankets to the poor during Winter, distributing of free books and garments to the poor, financial support to 3 Madhyamik poor students, mobilized finance in assisting marriage of one destitute through collective donations includes as some of their social services .

How to go: The Durga Puja venue is located at the four-point intersection of Joy Krishna Pal Road and S N Roy Road,which has dual entrance. The first, five minutes’ walk through Joy Krishna Pal Road starting opposite of State Bank of India, New Alipore Branch and directed towards South and the second, four minutes walk through S N Roy Road starting opposite of Behala Ajanta Cinema Hall and directed towards East, after crossing the four -point James Long Sarani bypass intersection and proceeding towards East.

Key Persons
: Shri. Probir Kumar Mishra.
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