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Badamtola Ashar Sangha - 73rd Year of Celebration - "Mrinmoye Rup e Chinmoye Maa"

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Theme: Mrinmoye Rup e Chinmoye Maa

2010 Coverage

Badamtala Ashar Sangha - a multi faceted institution more than just a club, is lead by Sri Mridul Kumar Pathak. In Present days Badamtala Ashar Sangha is one of the few durga pujas of kolkata which has slowly and steadily made a permanent place in the hearts of millions. It is like a fairy tale, a long journey full of ecstasy, pain, sweat and joy. 72 years ago, it started as a small sincere effort which laid the foundation and inspired all to move forward with honesty and determination. This puja has got a tremendous mass appeal and hype over the years for their work of art. There has been a remarkable publicity for last few years in all forms of media especially in Ananda Bazar Patrika where it has featured in Bhirer Gharir Kantay, which added the final feather to the hat and thus it continues its journey.

Durga Puja, our annual whirligig of lights, sound and colour will never change. The surging crowds, the dhakis, and the pandals glittering against the night sky everything attracts us a lot. Today, this festival has become an occasion for pageantry and extravaganza. Pomp and splendor are still in vogue, but the display has changed.

The crowds only understand theme Pujas. And the glut of prizes has added to the craze. During the festive time we see that different puja committee has conceived different ideas, which reflect in their puja pandal. The replicas of famous monuments and buildings are being created in our para or locality by the expert artists and theme makers. To decorate Puja themes, the real essence of para is faded out. So, this year “BADAMTALA ASHAR SANGHA” will come up with a nostalgic theme. With his simple thought the theme maker Shri. Susanta Pal will make you understand the essence of Para pujo.

Day/Date of Inauguration: The inauguration will take place on Chaturthi i.e. 11th October’2010.

Social & Cultural aspect of the club:  Badamtala Ashar Sangha efficiently pioneered in its mission of literacy drive with ‘AMARTYA SIKSHA YOJONA’, a policy formulated by National Insurance Company, to ten meritorious students of the locality. Some of the other important aspects can be mentioned as organising Blood Donation Camp in association with “PEOPLES BLOOD BANK” and Ambulance service.
The organizers arranged a Sit & Draw competition this year as a part of their community development program.

ON ‘Vijaya Sammelani’ the club members gather to celebrate. Mementos are given to the family members of some of the stalwarts of the club who have passed away. The club celebrated 150th Birth Anniversary of Kabi Guru this year. In short, it was a homage and an endeavour to reintroduce the works of Tagore to the younger generation and encourage them to carry forward the rich cultural heritage of India.

Awards & Recognitions:  won many awards in 2009. Some of them are mentioned as Ananda Snowcem, Ananda NIC, Sreeleathers Pratidin, Sonic Sharad Samman, Asian Paints Sharad Samman, Star Ananda Super Star, Kolkata TV Award, MP Birla Foundation, Puroshree, Rotary Sharod Samman, Rotaract Sharod Shiromoni, Doordarshan Shalimar,Chevrolet Sharod Samman as well as Impact Safety Awards.

How to go: To access this puja you need reach at Rash behari crossing. Walk for 6-7 minutes to the mandap. The nearest Metro station is Kalighat.
Key Persons:                  Shri. Sandip Chakraborty.

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Badamtola Ashar Sangha - 73rd Year of Celebration - "Mrinmoye Rup e Chinmoye Maa" Badamtola Ashar Sangha - 73rd Year of Celebration - "Mrinmoye Rup e Chinmoye Maa" Reviewed by Web Strategy on August 23, 2010 Rating: 5

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