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Ajeya Sanghati Haridevpur - Ranger Melaay Aalor Khelaay

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 ‘Durgaotsab’, the biggest festival of Bengal, dates back to the ancient history with rich references to it in Indian Literature.  The celebration has changed over the years with new ideas and colors. At some point of time Durga Puja could only be performed by the affluent division of the society. However in today’s culture, with the growth of number of associations and clubs, the Puja has turned multi-ethnic in character.

Ajeyo Sanghati of South Kolkata, being one of those associations came into limelight in 1963. Initially in 1960, a group of few people came together to celebrate the DurgaPuja. To start with the Durga Puja celebration, at that point of time they had to literally struggle hard to gain publicity. They were never demoralized and with the pace of time they floated with the rhythm to prove them. Year 2001 was a twist in the story, when Ajeyo Sanghati turned with the wave of ‘Theme Pujo’, which was the beginning of the concept.  Winning awards from Asian Paint’s “Sreshto Pujo” in 2002 and 2003 was so far the biggest achievement for the committee.

A half century for Ajeyo Sanghati Puja deserves a grand and gorgeous celebration this year. Lots of surprises are around the corner in many forms for the ‘darshanartis’. The theme is “Ranger Melaay Aalor Khelaay”, which seems to be a surprise package for the viewers.

Day of Inauguration:  The exact day is not yet decided. Possibly the inauguration will be either on ‘Tritiya’ or ‘Chaturthi’/ 10th or 11th of October 2010.

Awards: One of the Ratnas of Kolkata TV’s “NAVARATNA” award, Icore Planet – Shera Das (10) and Hero Honda - Shera Das (10).

Social Involvement
: The club organizes blood donation camp, free medical check up facility for the needy, donating blankets to the poor during winter and so on. Other than this on every 22nd March, the Club members donate fruits and sweets to the patients of Chittaranjan Cancer Hospital in tribute to Lt.Paltu Das, an eminent East Bengal player.

Route Guide:  The puja is located in Behala Chowrasta and to be a part of this puja you need to reach Haridevpur Bus stop.

Key Person: Mr. Sujit Mallick

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