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66 Polly - Paints To Tell Tale

One of Bengal’s oldest and most common art 'Patchitra' is almost forgotten in web designing era. 66 Pally has initiated to revive the art form and bring it back to aatpoure bangalee day to day life. Celebrating their 66th anniversary with Sarbojonin Durgatsab 2010, 66 Pally will remind us of our good old 'Patchitra'. The entire mandap will be ornamented by different kinds of 'Patchitra'. The concept has been conceived and executed by the eminent artist Gourango Kuila of Kamluk. He has put all his efforts in giving the concept a structural shape since June 2010. The Patchitra, pot paintings will portray the stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata.
The Puja will be inaugurated on Chaturthi, 11th October 2010 by the honourable railway minister Smt. Mamata Banerjee.

There will be two podiums inside the mandap, Ananda Bazar Patrika’s Ananda Angan; Pratidin’s Parle Adda; and Mohua Bangla.

Let us rejoice our tradition and revitalize our lost treasures. So, 66 Pally is a must visit this year.

Committee for the society: 60 years of 66 Pally’s glorious existence have retained their reputation of not just a Durga Puja committee, but an organization for the society. The club distributes blankets and winter wears to the underprivileged. They organize regular free health check up camps, eye check up camps, thalesemia treatment and help the underprivileged people in many other ways.

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